Technology and Environment

Our special attention to protecting the environment is also proven by the technological choices made in all stages of the production process.

    • Every welding table is equipped with a fume extraction system.
    • The plastic polymerisation process has been furnished with a fume control system.
    • DonVi srl was the first and only of the sector in Italy to equip itself with an internal cryogenic plant .

It was decided to use this technology due to the need to combine:

    • compatibility with architectural and environmental protection needs;
    • no noise pollution;
    • savings in fossil fuel.


Welding extraction system.

Fume control

System to control fumes released by the frame coating plastic polymerisation process for the galvanic equipment.

Cryogenic Plant

DonVi srl was the first and only company of the sector in Italy to equip itself with an internal cryogenic plant.

Quality and Environment Policy

The General Management, in accordance with the basic principles which it has founded, develops and manages DONVI S.R.L. , it is constantly active to pursue a policy of consolidation and continuous improvement of the products and services,aimed at:
  • the full satisfaction of the client, with the best attention focused on its needs and expectations, implicit and explicit, observing and supervising the achievement of the targets agreed upon contractual stage;
  • the environmental performances, minimizing where it is technically possible and economically sustainable, each negative direct and indirect impact to the environment.
For this purpose, the General Management has decided to define and to keep active a Management System integrated for the Quality and the Environment in compliance with regulations UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and suitable to the context and the dimensions of DONVI S.R.L..
So the System is used as primary and actual instrument to:
  • keep the provided processes, the products and the services under control;
  • satisfy the normative and compliance requisites, compulsory and voluntary;
  • prevent risks and not in compliance situations to delete or to reduce all inefficiency and inefficacy;
  • react to the changes of the external context to reinforce and to increase the business leadership on the reference market;
  • minimize the individual risks and pursue the potential opporunities of increase;
  • satisfy the needs and the expectations of the stakeholders, internal and external, with the primary target to increase the degree of satisfaction;
  • propagate and share at all levels the targets for the quality and the environment;
  • supervise and reduce as much as possible the environmental impacts originated from the working activities, through the suitable and prudent use of the natural resources, the adoption of instruments for the monitoring and the prevention of pollution and preferring the practices of recovery and recycling;
  • avoid inappropriate behaviours of the company staff which can have a negative impact on the quality of the offered service and on the environmental aspects;
  • promote and share at all levels, the culture of the quality of the work and the respect for the environment, by making sure that each company component is involved and made aware of its own role and of its own responsabilities to obtain the targets of continuous improvement.
To allow the achievement of the targets above described, the General Management also undertakes:
  • guarantee the availability of the needed resources (economic, human and infrastructural) and performing development and training activities of all the staff involved with the activities;
  • adopt plans of continuous improvement of the effectiveness and of the efficiency of the Management System, defining and re-examining during the periodic Management Reviews, objective and measurable targets which are coherent with the present Policy and with the company dimension;
  • adopt focused and efficient instruments of analysis and estimate of data and business performances, which consider the appropriate feedback information from the operating activities and from the external context.
The present Quality and Environment Policy is widespread at all levels of the organisation also through training activities in order that it is understood, carried out and supported. Besides it is available to all the interested parties that specifically request it.

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