• Frames for ABS Chrome-plating
    Automotive Sector
  • Galvanic Frames for Chrome-plating
    Interior Design
  • Galvanic Frames for Painting
  • Frames for Cataphoresis
  • Frames for Gilding


We build special equipment that meet your special requirements while offering you personalised assistance and professional expertise acquired over the years.


We are able to remove the coating from the equipment to be able to regenerate them and thus recover the discarded coating. We do all this in total respect for the environment by using a sophisticated internal cryogenic plant, unique in the sector.


Design, quality and service are the strengths on which we base our production, partnered by flexibility, speed and professional competence that our customers have appreciated for years.


Technology and Environment

Our special attention to protecting the environment is also proven by the technological choices made in all stages of the production process.

Every welding table is equipped with a fume extraction system.
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